Leonte Landino

Editor-in-Chief and Director of Production Services at Marallti Entertainment LLC.

Baseball is a passion and it´s a great avenue to make connections with Hispanic fans and consumers. I’ve had the privilege of leading teams and organizations that have transformed the way we perceive and consume media messages. Today, the digital content impact is still in its infancy, and branding is about opportunities for direct connection with audiences.

The connection between your brand and your consumers, is directly proportioned to your investment in Creative Content.

Leonte Landino

Multicultural sports marketing agency Marallti Entertainment LLC, along with its platforms and services, is led by the vision of 2-time Emmy-nominated producer, strategist and media personality Leonte Landino as head of campaigns development, marketing strategies, and content for sports organizations and communication management for athletes and partners.

Leo Landino: Pioneer in the Evolution of Content in the Baseball Media Industry.

Leo Landino, with over 25 years of experience in the media, sports, and entertainment industries, has been a change agent in his field. His career has been a story of successes and significant achievements, focused on global content production, audience development, communications and PR, brand growth, marketing strategies, and executive management of large-scale teams and projects, placing journalistic integrity at the forefront of every decision.

A multi-faceted media professional who combines an advanced academic background with high-profile experience in reporting, hosting, and play-by-play with a strategic mentality, executive leadership, and media production abilities.

ESPN Baseball: A Brand of Impact.

Baseball Tonight On The Road: The Impact of the Arrival of Covid-19 to the World of Baseball.

For 18 years, Landino was the mastermind behind the editorial and production of ESPN’s baseball content for the pan-regional Hispanic market and the United States, shaping a network brand based on high-quality content, innovation, brand tradition, cultural connections and top-notch on-screen personalities, a combination that elevated this network to the positioning and leadership in the segment it still maintains today.

ESPN’s broadcasts of Venezuelan baseball marked a milestone in the exposure and quality of baseball as an impactful product in the local market, with Leonte Landino at the helm of a vision that came to stay. Landino was also a pioneer in integrating and adapting social media with traditional media, creating and developing brands with emerging technology and aligning it with live television narrative. ESPN was a pioneer in generating real-time feedback from an audience that, for the first time, had a voice for feedback on international television.


The very first tweet in the history of @ESPN_Beisbol in March 2010, marked a new age of linear content integration with digital media in pan-regional markets.

Landino, the first Venezuelan recruited by ESPN to the production area in February 2005, embarked on a path to build baseball projects aimed at solidifying ESPN as the leading brand in the linear sports consumption market. During his career, he directed the editorial content and overall production of the world’s most important sporting events, including:

  • Major League Baseball
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown.
  • Little League Baseball
  • World Baseball Classic
  • Venezuelan Professional Baseball League
  • Dominican Baseball League
  • Mexican Baseball League
  • Mexican Pacific League
  • Caribbean Series
  • Latino Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Korean Baseball Organization
  • Australian Baseball League
  • PanAmerican Games
  • Central American and Caribbean Games
  • Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016 Olympics.
  • FIFA World Cups in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010.
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Major League Soccer
  • La Liga – Spain
  • Serie A – Italy
  • Bundesliga – Germany
  • Liga MX – Mexico
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • ATP/WTA Grand Slam Tennis
  • Top-Rank Boxing
  • X-Games
Beisbol Esta Noche marked an era of transition in baseball content from linear TV to digital media in the convoluted Latin American landscape.

In addition, his impact as a studio show creator was solidified with «Beisbol Esta Noche,» the television series that, for 15 seasons, became the weekly chronicle for the Hispanic market of the sports world. Baseball Tonight´s Hispanic version was awarded as the first and only Spanish-language baseball program in the history of American television to be nominated twice for an Emmy Award, with Landino at the helm as executive producer. It also received multiple Telly Awards for its outstanding contributions to the international television industry.

During his time at ESPN, he was the executive producer of the broadcasts and organization of 15 Caribbean Series (2006-2021). He has also been a columnist and reporter for ESPNDeportes.com.

The Wizzards: The Game is inside Me. Official theme of the 2022 MLB season.

Landino is also a composer and music producer, being part of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), creating more than 25 original musical pieces for ESPN with international and award-winning artists such as Oscar D’León, Gloria Estefan, Guaco, Banda La Adictiva, Prince Royce, Luis Enrique, among others.

Paving the Way for Hispanics in Major League Baseball

In 2022, he was recruited by the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball in New York and held the position of Director of Content in the Creative Marketing Division, leading a massive content generation team in the daily coverage and documentation of baseball for Major League Baseball’s digital ecosystem, the 30 clubs, and the players affiliated with MLB’s Marketing program. He was the first foreigner to hold an Executive Director position in MLB’s strategic communication structure.

Homage feature to Hall of Famer Don Jaime Jarrín in his last season. MLB.com.

During his time at the baseball headquarters, Landino revamped the Hispanic version of the «This Week in Baseball» brand. Under his production and hosting supervision, he revived the iconic television magazine of the 80s and 90s, transforming it into a digital format. This marked a milestone as the first production for Major League Baseball that generated content in Spanish through its digital platforms.

His contribution was instrumental in the global distribution of real-time digital content during the 2023 World Baseball Classic, expanding the reach and distribution of content to the 20 participating International Baseball Federations in an unprecedented event considered the pinnacle of the sport’s global expansion to date.

Objective: Connecting Brands to Sports Growth

The CONADE Baseball Academy was a high-impact project in baseball at all levels.

Landino, a Venezuelan-American journalist, has left a mark on content generation in media organizations such as CNN, Major League Baseball teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, and international clubs like the Águilas del Zulia of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, where he began his career in 1996 as a television and radio talent and producer. In Venezuela, he actively participated in radio in the 1990s and was Director of Sports for Ninos Cantores Television and a columnist for Diario Versión Final.

He has also served as an advisor for development projects for the National Sports Commission of Mexico (CONADE), the Tijuana Toros of the Mexican Baseball League, and the Águilas Cibaeñas of the Dominican League.

He served as the Executive Director of Communications for the Colombian Baseball League. He has developed advertising projects for brands aiming to connect with baseball through creative content, including Empresas Polar and Pepsi-Cola, Cerveza Regional, Ford Motors (Venezuela), Banreservas, Banco BHD, the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, and the Ministry of Sports (Dominican Republic). Additionally, other prestigious companies have utilized baseball to expand their markets.

The Juan Marichal Award has become an institution in the Dominican Republic.

Landino has also been a university professor in the Postgraduate Sports Journalism program at the Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher (PUCAMAIMA) in the Dominican Republic and a guest instructor at Anáhuac University in Querétaro, Mexico. He is also a frequent international speaker on baseball, industry, and culture topics, serving as Director of the Luis Castro Chapter (Latin America) of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

Throughout his journey, mentoring, supporting, and developing future generations of Hispanic baseball journalists has been a constant endeavor, as well as playing a role in the development, support, and guidance of talents in the media and sports projects, featuring prominent former athletes like Carlos Baerga, Ismael Valdez, Ozzie Guillén, Manny Acta, Alex Cora, Luis Aparicio, Juan Marichal, Vladimir Guerrero, Raul Ibáñez, José Cruz Jr., Omar Vizquel, Orlando «El Duke» Hernández, and Candy Maldonado, as well as communicators Carolina Guillén, Ernesto Jerez, Enrique Rojas, Luis Alfredo, Fernando and Alfonso «Ponti» Álvarez, Guillermo Celis, Jorge Eduardo Sánchez, Álvaro Martín, Francisco Blavia, Fernando Arreaza, José Luis Mora, Renato Bermúdez, among others.

Aguilas A la Carga…Serie del Caribe 2017 is a production by Leonte Landino for Águilas del Zulia Baseball Club.

Since 2021, Landino has been a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) and a member of the Voting Committee for the Latin Baseball Hall of Fame (SDFBL).

His contributions to baseball’s historical research and game perspectives have been recognized by external media outlets, such as National Public Radio (NPR), NHK Tokyo, and the Smithsonian Channel, and cited by some of the most widely-read digital media and newspapers in Latin America, including El Nacional and El Universal in Venezuela, Noroeste in Mexico, El Nuevo Día in San Juan, Diario Libre and Listín Diario in the Dominican Republic, and El Heraldo in Colombia.

He has contributed to the publication of four books with the Society of American Baseball Research on various historical aspects of baseball, including the biographies of Luis Aparicio, Wilson Alvarez, and Manny Trillo. He participated in and co-produced the film «El Efecto Clemente» (ESPN Films, 2013).

Diamante 23: A New Stage

Landino currently shares his responsibilities at the helm of Marallti Entertainment, including owned and operated digital brands: Diamante 23, Club 11:11, as well as his personal brand.

In the first two months of the rebranding process for the platforms, which includes the production of digital spaces such as «Vamos Al Punto,» «Lo Mejor de esta Semana,» and «Winter Ball», the total reach in impressions across all platforms has exceeded 22 million impressions, raising Diamante 23 as a top Spanish-language baseball platforms in the world with the greatest reach and a multinational editorial vision, featuring the collaboration of established figures like former MLB players Carlos Baerga and Ismael «Rocket» Valdez, Enrique Rojas, and Emmy Award-winning Ernesto Jerez.

On the events production forefront, Landino leads prestigious baseball events for Marallti Entertainment such as the Latin Baseball Hall of Fame, the Juan Marichal Award, and the Luis Aparicio Award, combining production, distribution and advertising opportunities.

He is a Marketing Consultant for Aguilas del Zulia of the Venezuelan league, recently heading a successful campaign for the 40th anniversary of the franchise first title.

Lo Mejor de esta Semana, an Original Production for Diamante 23. YouTube: ClubOnce11

Leonte Landino is a visionary who has left an indelible mark on the media, sports, and entertainment industries. His dedication to diversity, his ability to lead teams, and his skill in making strategic decisions make him an exceptional figure in his field. His storytelling ability has driven the success of many brands and projects, and his influence continues to grow in the world of sports and media, a world that is increasingly connected and diverse.


Leonte Landino is a native of Maracaibo, Venezuela. He is a graduate of the Journalism School at the University of Zulia, majoring in Audiovisual Journalism in 2001. He completed a Master’s in Mass Communication at the University of Florida in 2004, with a focus on telecommunications, management, and technology. He is a lover of baseball in all its facets and areas, especially the history of the game and the impact of Latin American figures. He still enjoys the long hours of Spring Training in baseball like no other. A frequent world traveler, connoisseur, and enthusiast of cigars. He resides in Connecticut, with his wife and two children.

You can contact him at ll@diamante23.com.